Obscure Sports

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What are obscure sports? For our purposes, they are any sport not widely played or heard of around the world. If a sport does not have any following what-so-ever, then there is little point to note it however. We will include everything from national sports to activities which don't even seem like sports, but people around the world practice them anyway. This wiki is not going to include mainstream sports, like soccer, cricket, or ping pong, but only the types of sports that most people will have never heard of before. Many of the obscure sports that have established leagues aspire to promoting their sports to Olympic status, while some others see no need to expand outside of the regions that the sports originated in.

Right now, we have a collection of obscure sports that we found to be intriguing and unique. Unfortunately there are many sports out there that we have yet to discover and add to our page. If you have heard of a sport and feel that it would be perfect for the page feel free to add it any time. We would love to see this grow and learn more about obscure sports ourselves!