Volcano boarding is a very unique sport that can be very dangerous if executed by inexperienced people. Volcano boarding is riding down the side of a volcano on a specific board, kind of like snow boarding or surfing (both feet on one object), but besides that they're quite different. The main difference is that the majority of volcanoes are shelled with hardened lava that's a very rough surface. Falling on the volcano when going down could result in bruises and broken bones.

Normally a protective suit, goggles, a helmet are worn when participating in this sport. The board normally has wood on the top and some sort of metal on the bottom to go smoothly against the volcano surface. Also, there is a rope connected to most boards to make it easier on people.

There have actually been many tour groups that have started incorporating this activity in their excursions. They make it easy and safe for beginners by giving them a brief tutorial and going down the sandier side of a volcano. Most people really enjoy it, but something mentioned to be not as pleasing about the sport is that you must walk all the way up the volcano to go down the volcano a single time. Walking up large volcanoes is quite a task in itself so by the time you're at the top you're already worn out and need a break.

People had unofficially experimented with going down the sides of volcanoes many years before they actually decided to give it a name. Then, in 2005 in Leon the first official volcano board was made and the sport began. This industry has been a huge success for tourist that want to see volcanoes and have a fun ride down. The rides are even altered to make the board into more of a sled for younger/ less brave travelers.