Ferret Legging

The sport of ferret legging is a sport made popular by coal minors in the town of Yorkshire England. What the sport involves is a and angry ferret, and your pants. Competitors tie the bottom of their pants and then proceed to have two ferrets put down there pants, then close off the top of their pants with their belt. The person who has kept the ferrets in their pants the longest without releasing them or the ferrets escaping is the winner. It is a true sport of mental insurance because of the ferrets very sharp teeth and claws. It is an all male sports and the competitors cannot be drunk or on any kind of drug. The world record started at 40 seconds in 1972 but has made its way up all the way to 5 hours and 10 minutes in 1981. The sport had gained most of its popularity from magazine articles but the sport started dying down after people had started getting bored from watching a man stand for over 5 hours.