Extreme Ironing


Love the thrill of extreme sports but can't stand a wrinkled shirt? Extreme Ironing is the sport for you. Combining extreme sports with a household chore and you come up with one epic thrill ride. It is a sport that is both simple but can also be very difficult. The simple part is you iron your shirt in an extreme location of your choosing and get a picture or video. The difficult part is deciding how extreme you should go. The more extreme you go the more respect you gain. It's preferred that the iron is hot but depending on how extreme it is you may not have an outlet around. Many records have been set in this sport including the current altitude record set by a group who call themselves the Yety. The had climbed to 5,440m on the Everest icefall and ironed out their shirts until they were wrinkle free.


The sport has really came a long way from its start in 1997 when a man named Phil decided he wanted to go rock climbing after work instead of ironing his shirts than came up with a brilliant idea. It's become a world wide phenomena and has become huge in Japan. With people going more and more extreme the sport will continue to grow and could possibly get more notification.