Competitive Yoga

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Competitive yoga has been practiced in India and some parts of Eurasia for thousands of years, but has only recently started to see any cohesion in the west. Bikram Chaudhury, founder of Bikram, or "Hot Yoga", started a formal competition with his own styles of Yoga that has been spreading out from his New York and California Yoga studios, as well as his others all over the world. The contestants perform several poses and are scored out of ten, much like Olympic gymnasts. they are judged on flexibility, strength, execution, and by how difficult the poses are.


There has been some disapproval over taking something spiritual, meditative, and personal and trying to win at it and making it commercial and about performance. Others argue that it helps push one to be a better Yogi as competition fosters growth. Others also point out that there have been competitions in intense heat in India since Yoga was first practiced. Bikram and his supporters are currently aiming to get Yoga added to the Olympics