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Chess-boxing was the idea of a cartoonist, and was made reality by Dutch artist, Iepe Rubingh. in alternating rounds of boxing and chess, the fighters can win in either event. While both incredibly different games, boxing and chess have a common factor. One wrong move can cost the game. The most difficult thing for fighters is to be able to clear their mind and get over the adrenalin rush between boxing and chess rounds. The sport has garnered a following in Germany (current home of the sport) and the United States. The sport is very young, dating only to 2003.

The sport uses a standard Olympic regulation sized boxing ring, standard chess board, regulation boxing gloves, and uses high decibel blocking ear-muffs so that they cant hear suggestions on chess moves from the audience. The match starts wit ha round of chess, then a round of boxing, and so on for sex rounds of chess and five rounds of boxing unless one competitor can defeat the other.