Cheese Rolling

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Cheese rolling is one of the more difficult sports we have ever heard of. When we think of cheese rolling we think of running around a field, similar to the sport of soccer. We would expect to be hot and sweaty after only thirty minutes of playing this sport. However, all joking set aside, cheese rolling happens to be a huge sport in England. The United States tends to poke fun at this sport but it is a real sport played at Cooper Hill in England. It is a sport in which all of the competitors roll cheese to the bottom of the hill and run after it as fast as they can. So, we were not lying you actually do sweat a little bit.

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There have actually been hospital reports of some people actually becoming injured in the process of cheese rolling. This sport has a surprising number of participants. We are surprised that a rat has not played this sport because rats would definitely hold the upper hand over any human being when it comes to this sport. This sport is really quite dangerous and I encourage you to not try this at home; unless you thoroughly enjoy cheese and the act of running down very steep hills.